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HD PS: Approx. Recording Media. Movie Resolution.

Sony HandyCam DVD Camcorder DCR-DVD Carl Zeiss Lens 20x Optical Zoom | eBay

Playlist Edit. Movie Format. Still Image Recording. Still Recording during Movie Dual Rec. Compression of still image. Still image recording. Image Size. Built in Speaker. Built-in Zoom Microphone. Headphone Jack. S-Video Output. Built-in USB Cable. S-Video Input. Microphone Jack. Stereo Minijack.

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PQ is used for the color grading and mastering of content. Simultaneous recording allows you to record on both SD cards at the same time, so that you can use one as a backup.

Relay recording allows uninterrupted recording from one card to the other when the first memory card becomes full. Slow and Fast Motion Recording up to fps - The XF Professional Camcorder supports slow and fast motion recording, and can record in a different frame rate from playback for slow and fast motion effects. Slow motion recording of up to fps x0. Each pixel in the camcorder's CMOS sensor is configured with two photodiodes. Two independent image signals can then be detected at each photosite. By implementing phase-difference AF, smooth focusing is accomplished with much higher speed and accuracy than was possible with previous technologies.


This autofocus technology can be employed when shooting a scene by tapping a finger on the desired area of the scene you want the lens to focus on. It also provides highly accurate Face Detection AF, which assists during single-operator shooting. Users can also use the touch panel to move the autofocus target manually. It employs a truly innovative user interface that enables the user to see if they are focused in front of or behind the subject through visual observation, and allows quick and accurate manual focus to be achieved.

This helps simplify the focusing process when shooting in 4K UHD, which requires strict focus accuracy. This helps ensure full color rendition and wide latitude with a much greater range from black to pure white — ideal for the delivery of live streams, broadcasts and post-production projects.

Shift adjustment with the proper exposure standard is also possible with the camcorder's Auto Exposure AE shift mode. SDR gain difference vs. HDR can be fine-tuned from When HDR video is shot at proper exposure outdoors, SDR may become too bright, so the brightness level can be adjusted using a negative gain. When HDR video is shot at the proper exposure indoors, SDR images may become too dark, so the brightness can be set to a positive gain. Canon Log By shooting in Canon Log 3, users can manipulate the information that's recorded, from dark areas to highlights. This makes the range for color grading wider and enables video to be produced with generous latitude that couldn't be reproduced with video gammas.

Canon Log 3 shooting can be especially effective for documentaries and other settings with drastic changes, along with outdoor and other locations where light conditions change frequently, or where monitoring setups may be insufficient. An adjustable 4. The monitor allows for on-camera monitoring of footage in real time and features a rotating design that brings flexibility and user preference to support 4K shooting, which demands strict focus accuracy.

It rotates both left and right to support various shooting scenes, including walls and narrow spaces. The OLED viewfinder displays approx. The EVF can then be used to adjust parameters and camcorder settings accordingly. HDMI 2. The HDMI 2. This means 4K can be handled with the same number of transmission cables as Full HD. Live IP Streaming:. Live H. The XF Professional Camcorder offers a variety of ways to record high-quality linear PCM 4ch audio: through two XLR terminals, an internal stereo mini-jack mic terminal or from the camcorder's internal stereo mic.

Sony CCD Video Camera Modul XC-ST50CE DC10,5-15V Computar Zoom Lens 18-108/2,5

The on-board 4ch audio independent settings let users set recording levels, input sensitivity and limiters for each channel. The XF Professional Camcorder is compatible with Canon's optional RC-V Remote Controller, enabling image quality adjustments and other important operations to be set from a distance.

Sony Handycam Wide Angle Lens Video Overview

Premium lens made using special glass materials including Super UD lenses with the same optical performance as fluorite. Compact, Lightweight and Ergonomic Design:. Revised Layout.

Designed for Professionals:. This allows attachment of a receiver etc. Improved tripod foot - Materials and construction have been revised to boost strength. Screw hole positions have been changed and holes added to improve usability when using a tripod. Key lock - A key lock function locks buttons during shooting to prevent mistakes in operation.

Covers for each terminal - A cover is provided for each connector or terminal. This prevents unused terminals from being exposed. Cables can be grouped together for optimum handling at the shooting site. Optimised ring spacing - More space has been given between the zoom, focus, and iris rings for an optimised layout that prevents interference.

The XF Professional Camcorder offers both wired and wireless connectivity to enable recorded files to be shared and transmitted back to the station or home base via FTP for editing or live streaming. Background transfer of video files via FTP links is also possible, enabling the latest news images, for example, to be distributed quickly over the Internet.

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The lens maintains 4K UHD quality throughout the entire zoom range and offers a focal length range of IP transmission offers the ability to stream video liveonline in either the H. This helps ensure full colour rendition and wide latitude with a much greater range from black to pure white — ideal for live streams, broadcasts and post-production projects. Released in the 20 th anniversary year of Canon professional video cameras, the all-in-one, compact XF features a 15x optical zoom 4K UHD lens with a 5-axis Optical Image Stabilisation system, a 1.

The camera also has the ability to record slow motion up to fps in Full HD. The 1. Offering 13 stops of dynamic range, preserving details in the shadows and smooth midtones. Das Problem wurde behoben. Details ansehen. Als unangemessen melden. Website besuchen. Mehr ansehen.

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